Body Attack

So I went to my first Body Attack class last week and it was the most INSANE experience!

Running. Jumping. Leaping. Squatting. Sweating.

It was the most intense gym class I’ve ever been to, but also the most fun!

Exercises, like jump-squats, are always accompanied by running. Not like your normal treadmill running. This is a lunatic run, as fast as you can go with your knees as high up as you can get them. It’s unbelievably knackering but apparently amazing for developing abs!

Between rounds, there’s a (very) short recovery period. I was told it’s essential to recuperate by drawing air into your lungs, so you can “smash it even harder in the next round” – quoting my instructor word for word.

After 30 minutes, I was nearly hyperventilating! I was holding my side, desperately, as an evil stitch attacked on the right. A little tip for any gym newbies… do NOT eat anything an hour before a class. Boy did I pay for those two little salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks!

I couldn’t help but watch the clock and was relieved when there was only 15 minutes remaining. The instructor seemed to have other ideas though and continued the class for a full hour rather than 45 minutes!

I survived the ordeal and, honestly, felt amazing for doing it. I felt like I’d really achieved something. This first class may have been tough – a serious shock to the system – but it was fun, hilarious and exhilarating. Your adrenaline and the high-tempo music keep you going, as well as encouragement from the instructor and other gym goers. You are part of a team, one that pushes through the pain together.

I am rubbish at press-ups, have non-existent abs and didn’t have a clue how to do things like ‘burpees’ before the class. But the instructors always give technical advice and provide easier options to switch to if it’s too hard at first.

At the end of my first class, the instructor congratulated me for making it through the full hour. She told me she walked out of her first Body Attack class after only 2 songs! What a great thing to hear, that this fitness fanatic once struggled too. Everyone has to start at the beginning and build up their fitness.

Challenge accepted!

x Morts x

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