New Look Nails

I’m completely obsessed with nail varnish and end up painting my nails pretty much daily. I’ve recently starting using the New Look nail varnish range and I’m so impressed by it.

There are a lovely variety of colours and finishes, including matte, glitter and gel finishes. My favourite colours are Ruby Red, Dusty Coral and Champagne Supernova Metallic.

The best thing about the New Look nail varnishes, is that they are quick drying and last longer than other brands. So many nail varnishes I have tried chip after only a few hours, which drives me mad, but these are perfect when you’re in a rush or need to paint your nails on the go.

I also love the design of their bottles, with the little lids as well as screw tops on. They are also so reasonably priced!

New Look will definitely be a nail varnish go-to for me now and I’ll be checking out the rest of their make-up range!

x Morts x



The truth about Lindos

If you’re holidaying in Lindos, just be prepared for how hilly it is!

The town is a sea of beautiful white buildings, housing narrow winding streets with shops and restaurants spilling out onto them. It sits beneath the impressive acropolis, an archaeological site which stands in stark contrast to the modern world infiltrating it.

Most of the large hotel complexes are dotted along the coastline, a short taxi ride away from the acropolis. However, there are some lovely places up on the hillside which are only a short walk from town.

A short walk… but a steep and knackering one!

There is one main slope you have to walk down to get into the heart of the town. I often saw tourists stopping halfway down the hill to buy essential refreshments, like cold drinks and ice creams, and parents abandoning buggies and hoisting their kids onto their shoulders. Even in the cooler evening air I was out of breath most nights… admittedly after a huge 3-course dinner!

Most tourists flock to Lindos for the beautiful beaches and St Paul’s Bay is stunning, it’s true. But again it is at the bottom of the steep hill so make sure you plan your hill climb wisely… we attempted the walk in the midday heat and it was exhausting!

I don’t want to put you off going to Lindos though, because it’s a beautiful and interesting place to visit. There are tonnes of rooftop restaurants to choose from, offering a welcome breeze and stunning views across the town.

Also… the best taramasalata I’ve ever tasted!

There are plenty of day trips to go on as well as beaches to crisp on. My main tip is to use public transport instead of going on the tour trips offered. The tours are not only expensive, but leave you with barely any time to look around the destinations you’re visiting as they have so many hotel pickups to do and often stop off at places like olive oil farms en route.

Tour companies will tell you the local buses are crowded and take ages but we heard from fellow holidaymakers that this isn’t true at all. Going by public transport will give you much more freedom and time to explore, whether you’re visiting Rhodes Town or taking a boat to one of the islands.

x Morts x

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To Kindle or not to Kindle…

I love everything about books; how they feel in your hand, the sawdust-smell of the pages and the distinctive covers. But, I have to confess… I have finally gone over to the dark side. I have swapped books for a Kindle!

My family are all book worms and Kindle converts. They had been nagging me for ages so I finally gave in. Although I was reluctant at first, I already love my Kindle. It’s so convenient and lightweight. Hundreds of books are only a few clicks away and there are even plenty of free books you can try. There are lots of beautiful Kindle cases to choose from too.

I love to travel so it’s just practical really; commuter friendly and so much easiest to fit into a suitcase or handbag.

I still miss seeing how far I am through a book, physically. Percentages don’t quite cut it for me, but I’m sure I’ll get used to that. I will never abandon books fully though. There will always be a bookshelf in my house, of that I’m certain.

x Morts x


I feel like my love of eggs has grown enormously over the last year. I think it might have something to do with the hundreds of delicious #yolkporn photos on Instagram. Dippy eggs, poached eggs and fried eggs. Eggs accompanying marmite soldiers. Eggs tumbling off of giant crumpets. I am now obsessed. I have 2 boiled eggs as a snack at work, every day. Plus, I often have more eggs at the weekend. I’m starting to think 10+ eggs a week might be too much? It’s just such a filling, healthy snack; I struggle to find a good replacement. My egg-related birthday presents definitely confirmed my worst fears… I am a crazy egg lady!

I am always envious of other people’s yolks. How do they get the perfect poached eggs? Practice I guess. I’ve joined the poached eggs hype recently and my first two attempts were pretty rubbish; slightly overdone so the yolk was not runny enough. Is there anything more disappointing than an overcooked egg?

My forte is frittata. It’s so quick and easy to whip up (literally!); it’s my go-to midweek meal. All you have to do is chop up and fry your choice of ingredients, whip some eggs and pour it all into an oven dish to cook for 20-25 minutes. I like to use onion, garlic, chorizo, red pepper, mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and feta. Fry everything except the feta. Chunks of feta can be scattered over the cooked ingredients, before the eggs are poured over and the oven dish popped in the oven. Feta and chorizo is a match made in heaven. They both add a salty kick to the dish.

Now my sister has bought me a Nutri-bullet, smoothies may knock eggs off the podium.

I’ll keep you posted!

x Morts x