New Look Nails

I’m completely obsessed with nail varnish and end up painting my nails pretty much daily. I’ve recently starting using the New Look nail varnish range and I’m so impressed by it.

There are a lovely variety of colours and finishes, including matte, glitter and gel finishes. My favourite colours are Ruby Red, Dusty Coral and Champagne Supernova Metallic.

The best thing about the New Look nail varnishes, is that they are quick drying and last longer than other brands. So many nail varnishes I have tried chip after only a few hours, which drives me mad, but these are perfect when you’re in a rush or need to paint your nails on the go.

I also love the design of their bottles, with the little lids as well as screw tops on. They are also so reasonably priced!

New Look will definitely be a nail varnish go-to for me now and I’ll be checking out the rest of their make-up range!

x Morts x


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