Copenhagen on a budget…

I went to Copenhagen in November last year and it’s a beautiful city, but one of the most expensive I’ve ever visited.

Here’s some tips on how to survive Copenhagen on a budget:


Duty free alcohol:

My friends and I bought a bottle of duty free vodka at the airport which was much cheaper than buying it in Copenhagen. Pre-drinking in your apartment or hotel will save you so much money if you plan on going on a night out.

Supermarket essentials:

Pop to your nearest supermarket to stock up on essentials. Even just eating breakfast in your apartment will save you loads of money.

Travel card:

If you’re staying in Copenhagen for a few days it’s well worth buying a travel card. There are different options, from 1-day travel up to 72-hour travel. Travel cards work out much cheaper than paying for individual bus or train journeys, and you’ll be needing both methods of transport if you want to explore Copenhagen properly.

Paper Island:

Make sure you go to Paper Island to eat. There’s a huge warehouse, just across the bridge from Nyhavn, packed with food and drink vendors. This ‘street food’ is a great option for a cheap lunch or dinner… well much cheaper than the restaurants in Copenhagen anyway! There are tonnes of cuisines to choose from too. It’s a really fun, quirky place to visit and a great way to escape the cold on a winter’s day.


Alternative Christiana:

Freetown Christiania is a really interesting place to visit but also free to wander around so the perfect activity when travelling on a budget. Here a small community of people have decided to live independently from the rest of the city, in a Utopian commune. It is covered in colourful graffiti but be careful taking photos as it is forbidden on the main street, Pusher Street.


Boat trips:

Boat trips along the canal, and around the harbour, are reasonably priced and are a great way to relax and see the sights. Most tours start or finish at Nyhavn, so you can also get the iconic Copenhagen harbour snapshot.


If you’re going to splash out on one thing, then make it the Tivoli Gardens. It is the most magical and enchanting place I have ever been to. Honestly. As the no.1 fan of Christmas, being greeted by a sea of warm fairy lights was heaven for me! It is a beautiful old theme park with rides, candyfloss stands, pubs and tonnes of Christmas trees. Make sure you stay to watch the light display across the pond. It’s set to the music of swan lake and will not disappoint!



x Morts x



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