Sunbed Fail

So my first sunbed experience was pretty ridiculous.

Who knew there were so many settings… and how HOT it can get in there!

I had no idea what I was doing… do you wear pants, no pants? No-one tells you this essential information.

A girl showed me to one of the cubicles, with the briefest of introductions. She pointed to the timer on the wall which was already counting down. The sunbed would start as that reached 0.

As soon as she left I rushed to get unchanged, panicked by the timer situation. It’s amazing how difficult it is to get tights off in a rush!

Finally stripped of clothes, I climbed into the sunbed; a plastic tube, like a capsule or something, with neon lights and chart music blaring out of the speakers inside. I was lying there waiting for something to happen… it seem like time had now completely stopped. I pushed up the lid a few times to peek out and check how long was left on the timer; 2 minutes, 1 minute.

There must have been only 10 seconds left when I realised I didn’t have my goggles on! These weird mini swim goggle things you’re supposed to wear to protect your eyes from the UV. So I leapt up out of the sunbed and frantically scrambled around for the goggles. I clambered back into the sunbed just in time as the UV lamp suddenly kicked into life.

There I was, lying like a beached whale in an incubator, happily listening to Justin Bieber blaring in my ears (I had no idea how to change the channel or volume).

Suddenly… out of nowhere… water sprayed directly into my face. I jumped out of my skin! Refreshing aqua mist it may be, but not relaxing when you have no idea it’s going to happen!

Once the machine shut down and the heat subsided, I shuffled off the sunbed. I was happy to have made it out in one piece.

I felt extremely hot in the face and my skin was already tingling slightly. Was this normal procedure? I looked back at the panel on the sunbed and realised there were a few different settings.

Genius that I am, I had selected the hottest one! Carabic. CARABIC for god’s sake.

I am not from the Caribbean. I’m the sort of person that burns on a cloudy day in England. So carabic was not the appropriate setting for me. Ideally, I wouldn’t even be braving Mediterranean. I should have gone for the lowest setting, to ease me in.

Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?

So for all you sunbed newbies out there… don’t worry, you can’t be more foolish than me!

Take my advice… choose the lowest setting to start with and be prepared for a mist spray halfway through!

x Morts x

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