Rio by night: Favela Funk

If you’re ever in Rio, I definitely recommend going to the Favela Funk Party.

It takes place every Sunday night, in a nightclub called Castelo das Pedras. It’s located in Jacarepaguá, a suburb home to a mix of affluent neighbourhoods and some of the biggest slums in Rio.

It’s the best place to go to experience local music and dancing. Most hostels arrange trips to the party, and you go in convoy on mini buses.

The nightclub consists of two floors; the first floor is a huge dance floor with a stage at the front and the second floor is home to the bar, toilets and a balcony area. As soon as you enter the club, your eardrums will be hit with the rhythmic drums of the Funk Carioca – a type of Brazilian dance music that originated in the favelas.

The dance floor is a sea of bodies. At the start of the night it is mostly locals dancing, but, as the night goes on, tourists get braver (and more drunk) and soon infiltrate the crowd. Flushed faces and wiggling, shaking bodies. You can feel the heat radiating off of the lights and neighbouring dancers.

The Brazilian girls are fascinating to watch; moving with purpose and confidence. They are fierce, vigorous, inspiring, and certainly the best twerkers I’ve ever seen!

By the end of the night, you’ll be dishevelled, exhausted and giddy. And hungry after dancing like a lunatic! There’s plenty of accommodating food stalls, selling piping hot chicken sticks… the Brazilian equivalent of a kebab.

Happy twerking! 😉

x Morts x

[Photo credit: Chris Westgarth –

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