A guide to: Luxembourg

I have recently returned from a lovely long weekend in Luxembourg.

It was a slightly random choice of holiday (booked by my sister and her friends) but we had a fantastic time! We stayed in a camping and caravan park, about 30 minutes outside of Luxembourg city. Renting a car was essential to take in all of the sights.

What to do in Luxembourg?

1. Nature Trails:

There are tonnes of nature trails to choose from but the Müllerthal Trail was definitely my favourite. It led to a wonderful viewpoint and there was plenty to explore along the way, with caves you could go into and huge rocks you could walk between.  It was pretty humid whilst we were in Luxembourg, so it was nice to escape into the cool forest for a bit. At the bottom of the Müllerthal Trail, you’ll also find the beautiful Schiessentümpel Waterfall. The crooked bridge over the top of the waterfall made me feel like I was suddenly in the Lord of the Rings… like we had stepped right into Rivendell.

There are also caves you can visit in Berdorf. These were carved out in the Middle Ages, so people could use the rock for millstones. One of the caves was converted into an amphitheatre (Amphitheatre Breechkaul) in 1979, and it still used for plays and concerts today.

IMG_9560 (2)IMG_9713 (1)IMG_9542 (2)

2. Medieval Castles:

There are loads of castles in Luxembourg. Over 50 in fact! I had the pleasure of visiting two of these.

My favourite was Beaufort Castle. I fell for it the moment I saw the sun light up it’s sandy exterior. So much of it is still preserved and there are drawings around the castle, showing how it would have looked in medieval times. You can also sample liqueurs on site (cassis and framboise), which pack a serious punch!

IMG_9662 (1)IMG_9649 (1)IMG_9715 (1)

Larochette Castle was also fun to explore. The ruins are set up on the hillside, looking down onto the town of Larochette. The views are fantastic and you are free to scramble around the ruins for as long as you please for the bargain price of €4 per person!


3. Luxembourg City:

Luxembourg City is a lovely place to wander around, with huge parks, historic buildings and plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is well worth a visit, with striking turrets like a fairy-tale castle and beautiful stained-glass windows. You can go inside the cathedral for free. The Palace of the Grand Dukes is also impressive, but you can only see it from the outside. There is always a guard on duty, walking back and forth with a stern expression.

It doesn’t take long at all  to walk around the centre of the city (we did it in an afternoon). This is why it often ranks as only the third best thing to do/see in Luxembourg.

One thing you definitely need to know, parking is very limited. We visited the city during working hours on a Friday and all central car parks were full, so we had to drive further out and park in the business district. Also, you have to buy a bus ticket from one of the ticket machines before getting on a bus! We had no idea about this but were luckily let off by a very kind bus driver. There seemed to be buses going in and out of the city pretty regularly which was good.



All-in-all I was pleasantly surprised by Luxembourg and what it has to offer. It’s definitely more of an active holiday, than relaxing holiday, but it’s an easy place to find your way around – and a beautiful one.

If you’re looking for a low cost holiday Luxembourg is a good shout, as most of the activities are either seriously cheap or free! Eating out was very reasonable too. Do be prepared for fairly slow service though… they are certainly in no rush in Luxembourg!


x Morts x



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