A food lover’s guide to Cyprus

I’ve just come back from a gorgeous week in the sunshine, in Cyprus.

One of the things I loved most was the food! Wherever I am, I think it’s important to try the local specialities, to discover the true taste of a country and immerse myself fully in its culture.

What to eat in Cyprus? Try these delicious foods!



I love the squeaky texture of halloumi and the salty kick it gives to any meal. It is filling, tasty and satisfying. In Cyprus, you’ll find that halloumi salads are very common. I often ordered a side dish of halloumi, to accompany lamb chops or tuna pittas. We also bought big slabs of halloumi from the supermarket, to slice and lightly fry or chop into chunks to go on skewers alongside chorizo.



Order a village salad in Cyprus and it will come with a generous helping of feta on top. Fresh Greek feta is so much richer and creamier than that you can get in the UK. It is usually served with potent black olives, sliced red onion and tomatoes.



I absolutely love watermelon. It is thirst-quenching and scrumptious, and also a very healthy snack or breakfast food! As soon as I see watermelon stalls on the side of the road, I truly feel on holiday. We bought ours from the supermarket in Cyprus and it was so cheap!



Who doesn’t love cherries?! They are one of my favourite summer foods and such a delicious snack to have in the house. And Cyprus certainly has good cherries to offer!


I would choose nectarines over peaches any day. They are just so much juicier! They may seem pretty firm in the supermarkets in Cyprus, but leave them out in a fruit bowl and they will ripen almost overnight in the summer heat!

All of these fruits are extremely refreshing on a hot sunny day. I loved eating breakfast alfresco – a bowl of fruit and Greek yoghurt. DELICIOUS!

There are plenty of banana plantations dotted around the island, so it’s worth picking up fresh bananas too! A useful thing to note about supermarkets in Cyprus – you need to take your fruit (and veg) to a weighing counter before going to the checkout to pay!


Sword Fish:

Sword fish may be a meaty fish but, if cooked properly, it should be soft and juicy. The Cypriots certainly do it justice and I would highly recommend trying it whilst you’re there!



I have always loved fresh sardines, whether grilled or BBQ’d. It’s something I never cook at home for some reason, but is a real holiday taste that takes me back to my childhood.



Grilled octopus is a local speciality. It is served very simply, to ensure the subtle flavour is not overpowered by garnishes. The charring from the grill gives it a nice smoky exterior.



Whitebait is the perfect sharing starter. Tiny, tasty little fish that are lightly fried and are perfect for dipping in tartar sauce or lemon-mayo!


Sea Bream:

We bought whole sea bream from the supermarket and cooked them on the BBQ. They were AMAZING! Such soft fish fillets, brought to life with that charred BBQ flavour and a squeeze of lemon.




Sheftalia is a traditional Cypriot food. It is made with a mixture of lamb and pork mince, and plenty of parsley. The meat is encased inside caul fat rather than typical sausage casing. Sheftalia is best cooked on the BBQ and is the perfect pitta filling!


Just a note, be careful what sausages you pick up in the supermarket as some have incredibly strong flavourings which you probably won’t be used to. Coriander seeds pack a serious punch. It was the only thing I wasn’t keen on in Cyprus!


The flavour of the tomatoes are unlike any you can get your hands on at home (unless you grow them yourself!). You can tell they are freshly picked, as they are so flavoursome and juicy.

The strong red onions made my eyes water like crazy when I was chopping them but they sure are delicious! I like to chop up red onion, tomato and cucumber together, to be spooned generously into toasted pitta breads.


Wherever you are in Cyprus, you can pick up beautiful produce from local supermarkets. Some of the best meals I had on holiday were the DIY BBQs. It’s worth researching traditional taverns in the area you are staying in, to get the most authentic Greek food. Paphos Town did have a lovely selection of seafood restaurants, along the waterfront, that are worth trying too though in you’re nearby!

Happy holidays!

x Morts x

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