A guide to: Sorrento

The beautiful town of Sorrento, in Italy, provides the perfect balance between sight-seeing and relaxation. Set just back from the dramatic cliff edge, the town is bursting with character and vitality.

You’ll be greeted by tonnes of little cafes and restaurants, dotted along the winding, cobbled streets. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the food is so fresh and delicious, you’ll never want to leave!

You can sit for hours watching the world go by – quite literally, as the seats are almost always side-by-side, facing the passing crowds – enjoying the sunshine, atmosphere and a cocktail, beer or the local speciality, limoncello. The lemons in Sorrento are the biggest I’ve ever seen and they taste AMAZING.


Gorgeous pastas, pizzas, bruschetta and ice-cream all follow a day lying by the pool or sunbathing on the jetties below the cliffs. At night, the town really comes to life though. The streets are packed with little stalls selling holiday knick-knacks and locals dressed in their finery, socialising, eating and shopping.

The archaeological sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii provide a perfect few days of exploration and education about the ancient civilisation of the Romans. If you haven’t got time for both, I would recommend Herculaneum. It is only a 45 minute train journey from Sorrento and is a much more compact site. It’s likely to take you a few hours to look around compared with a few days needed for the vast site of Pompeii. Go nice and early to avoid the crowds!


Frequent boat trips are also available to the lovely island of Capri and nearby towns like Ravello and Positano. Or, of course, to the city of Naples. I would definitely recommend visiting Positano. It’s a really pretty place, with plenty of idyllic lunch spots and impressive architecture. As the boat draws close, you’ll see the iconic, brightly-coloured houses built up the hillside. The most memorable thing for me though was the magnificent Amalfi Cathedral.


Happy exploring! 🙂

x Morts x

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