City Break: Düsseldorf

I went to Düsseldorf a few weekends ago and discovered it’s a really cool city!

One of my best friends, Aimee, is currently living there, so the girls and I decided to take full advantage and see the city as well as having a much needed catch up!

On the Saturday morning, we went for a little walk along the river to wake us up. What soon became obvious is that Germans don’t get up early on a weekend! There was barely anyone around at 9 o’clock… which was probably a good thing as we had that ‘rolled-out-of-bed’ look going on!

IMG_1182After a beaut breakfast of eggs, avocado, houmous and breadzels (softer pretzels which are perfect for dipping!), we headed out for the day.

Aimee took us to a few bars along the river. It all started very relaxed and low-key, with a few gin and tonics in the sunshine. However, when we came upon the Kasematten Düsseldorf bar, it soon changed! We could hear the music blaring as we approached the bar. There were live singers and a guy in full lederhosen playing the saxophone from the table tops! Completely bonkers and absolutely brilliant!

It seems that Oktoberfest actually starts in September!

IMG_1376We soon made friends with a group of locals, and ended up singing and dancing with them, and doing the conga around the bar! The atmosphere was great – everyone was so friendly and in the ‘happy weekend’ mode.

We ended up staying at this bar for a few hours. I would definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Düsseldorf.

In the heart of the city, there are streets packed with cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlours and waffle vendors. The smell of bananas and Nutella filled the air and made us ravenous!

IMG_1014.JPGWe walked back towards Aimee’s apartment via the posh shopping area (Königsallee), which is packed with designer outlets. We also walked past the unmissable Rhine Tower. Unfortunately we didn’t get time to go up the tower, but the views are supposed to be fantastic from the bar at the top.

I expected Düsseldorf to have an industrial feel to it, but instead it was modern, clean and full of character. It’s definitely a fun place to visit for a city break.


x Morts x

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